Some of Japan’s insanity I cannot tolerate in the least, like J-Pop or dumbass games like Incredible Crisis.

Katamari series, however, I’m all over. I love the absurd, and often clashing, art style with random clip art tossed in. I love the zany Japanese version of Lounge music. And of course, I LOVE THE KING OF ALL COSMOS. How could you not?

Sony, lords of self determent

I’ll give Sony one thing, they really know how to shoot themselves in the foot proper. From the prohibitive launch price of the PS3, to the constant bungling of the PSP, and now they’ve give us new information about how stupidly they are handling the PSP Vita. So not only is Sony trying to shove proprietary memory cards down our throat, now we won’t even have the option to decide if a game should use those cards.

I’m really wondering what is going on in the heads of the console/handheld developers these days. For every good idea, they come up with 5 bad ones. Both the Vita and 3DS have abyssmal battery life, something Sony was even so aware of it’s launching with an expandable battery pack to tack on. Have you morons forgotten we’re in the age of smart phones that have touch screens and gyrometers inside for gaming, and last for 10+ hours? Or what about Nintendo deciding after the fact "Okay, I guess we DID need a second analog nub," most likely at the demands of Capcom so Monster Hunter players didn’t need to reenact The Claw. That is an actual thing people had to do to play the PSP version. And let’s not even get started on the Wii-U. Awesome concept having the touch screen controller. Limiting it to one per system? Excuse me while I die laughing.

I simply don’t get it anymore. I don’t have the fondest love for Apple, but at least they got things right with gaming on smartphones with the iPhone. Something apparently Sony and Nintendo have no fucking clue about anymore.