I highly recommend anyone who enjoyed The Binding of Isaac to read this in depth article i wrote on its creation, controversy and future for game dev magazine.


the biggest update in this article is at the…

A good read for any fans of the game, though the last few paragraphs about Rebirth sadden me a bit, for multiple reasons. The change in artistic style to 16bit I feel is an error, as I can’t imagine (using the Isaac sprite shown as reference) that it’ll portray the effects of items like the original game does. The horrible subtleties, like seeing the spoon shaped welts when you get the Wooden Spoon. The bigger problem I have is being distraught that a second expansion is impossible in Flash, and that original supporters would have to pick up the console versions to see what got added.

I loved Binding of Isaac, like, a lot. Hell, I’m making a BoI theme mod for Wolfire’s new Desperate Gods that I posted about. I hope to get a response from Edmund about Rebirth on PC, and pray for good news.