Hasn’t anyone told Starbreeze yet?

I mean, c’mon, anti-heroes are so last year.

The mere fact they are talking up the protagonist, and that he’ll have any sort of personality¬†solidifies my previous statements about them fucking up an established franchise. Seriously guys, if you wanted to make generic-mean-spirited-shooty-guy, that’s fine. Just don’t throw the Eurocorp logo in and slap the Syndicate name on it, because I’m not biting.

Part of the whole point¬†of Syndicate was it was a dystopian future, and the ‘protagonist’ was the CEO of one of the conglomerates controls human drones. They were lifeless hells of men, usually the homeless if I remember right. Not fucking snarky ex-military types. Fuck fanfic about Syndicate are you guys basing this game off of? Or did someone from 2k Marin stop by?